Kristina | Camisole and Classic White Shirt

Kristina, a self-confessed low maintenance, make-up free model stepped into my studio to shoot this set that includes both a boudoir set and another that is a throwback to the classic black and white model shoots of the 90’s, and I am in love with how both turned out. I’ve shot with Kristina before, and when she texted me asking if I was available for a shoot during her summer break, I couldn’t wait to bring her back into the studio. 

This is actually my third shoot with her, and I love how Kristina is always game to try new ideas, including the “9UP” Photo Booth-styled headshots. I’m glad I got to shoot her before she headed overseas for the semester.

Click images to enlarge (especially that 9UP!).

Shoot Notes

Camera: Nikon D750

Lens: 85mm 1.4G

Props: Black Poly board and Custom Painted backdrop

Modifiers: Elinchrome 49” White Parabolic Umbrella, Lastolite 6x6 White Panel

Editing Software: Capture One Pro 10 and Photoshop CC

Using Format